Examples of our work

We cover a wide variety of different hydroacoustics applications, and are always interested in exploring something new. We also do GIS spatial analysis, mapping and visualization. Our experience ranges from fish entrainment studies at hydroelectric stations, estimating fish density and distribution in reservoirs, monitoring migrating fish in rivers, to surveying the bathymetry and substrate type of streams and lakes. The types of environment we work in are equally diverse with remote field camps in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, hydroelectric facilities and reservoir work in the eastern United States and navigational locks and dams on the Mississippi River.

We are particularly interested in the development and application of new methods, for example, the extraction of imaging data characteristics that may help distinguish fish species, automated data collection and analysis and further improvements in our sampling method for outmigrating sockeye salmon smolts.

Here are some examples of the type of work we do:

Automated counting of eels with imaging sonar (ARIS, DIDSON)

Estimating the abundance of outmigrating sockeye salmon smolts

Automated monitoring of fish entrainment at hydroelectric dams

Mobile hydroacoustic surveys of reservoirs

Mosaicked side scan imagery of salmon spawning areas

Mapping bathymetry for sonar site selection and habitat assessment

Mapping travel lanes used by upstream migrating salmon

3D visualization of sonar coverage, orientation and target observations

Tail-beat patterns in echograms and their potential use for species identification -- Featuring 3 otters and 1 lynx!

Extracting shape and depth information from acoustic shadows -- Featuring 45 camels!