Consulting services in fisheries acoustics

Welcome to Aquacoustics, Inc.

Aquacoustics provides consulting services in the field of fisheries acoustics. We have over 25 years of experience using sonar technology to assess the abundance and distribution of fish and to study their behavior and habitat.

When used appropriately, sonar provides reliable data in a cost-effective manner. It is a non-invasive method that can be used under conditions that are too dark or too turbid for video. Data can be collected at a fixed location to provide continuous coverage over time or from a mobile platform to cover large areas. Common applications are fish stock assessment, monitoring fish behavior at hydroelectric dams or other man-made structures, and mapping bathymetry and substrate type for habitat studies.

Our services include

We serve clients from private industry, government agencies, native organizations and universities. Our clients include fisheries biologists who are interested in using sonar technology but need training and technical support, and operators of hydroelectric stations that are required to monitor fish entrainment or the effectiveness of by-pass structures.